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Edit Before Call/SMS

4.6 ( 4256 ratings )
Værktøjer Produktivitet
Forfatter: Conceptable
1.99 USD

“Edit Before Call” reads the phone numbers from your contacts list, and allows you to temporarily edit the number before making a call/send SMS. The saved number in your contacts will not be changed. It helps to keep your contacts list clean and easy to manage. Particularly for when you need to make a lot of long distance calls.

- You can pre-set “Add”, “Remove” and “Replace” rules for different cases
- ‘Recent Dialed’ List for you to have faster access to numbers you’ve dialed
- ‘Favorites’ List to save your frequently used phone numbers
- English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese interface

We hope the new upgraded version of “Edit Before Call” brings you more key features, that will make it easier and more convenient to use your phone.

** Phone Numbers with "#", and "*" are not supported **

** If you have any issues with this application, please send an e-mail to, so we can keep making improvements to this app by getting feedback from you. **

User Review:
TJ from Japan: (

Leonardo.Dite from Italia
"Fantastico non devi riscrivere tutta la rubrica"

catac_cn from Signapore
"Very good applicatio for my iphone, expecially for the people travelling."